Spiritual Bio

Slovakian actress and spiritual teacher, Silvia Suvadova shares her close encounter with a Pleiadian Being, her studies at the Amorah Quan Yin Mystery School in Mount Shasta, and how the extreme focus of the Slovakian media on her affected her spirituality.
Silvia is a Slovakian actress and spiritual teacher living in Los Angeles. She starred in Oscar Wining Best Foreign Film Kolya. On her 33rd birthday, Silvia had a close encounter with a Pleiadian Being in her West Hollywood apartment. After this experience she started to deepen her Pleiadian connection and studied in Mount Shasta, CA with Amorah Quan Yin at her Mystery School for 3 years.
In 2012 Silvia recorded her first Slovak spiritual youtube video. The video went viral. She was featured on the cover of every magazine and gossip paper in Slovakia, which triggered a wave of awakening in Slovakia. Coincidentally, during the very first days of this phenomenon, when literally millions of people focused on her, in both positive and negative ways, she was attending the first Cobra conference in Laguna Beach with Ed Spina and other friends, where she received great spiritual protection.
After the media circus subsided, Silvia visited Slovakia and held spiritual seminars attended by hundreds of people. She was a guest on a Slovak prime time TV show and spoke about her encounter with the Pleiadian. On her youtube channel she also interviewed Ed Spina and Rob Potter.