Acting Bio

Silvia Suvadova is originally from Czechoslovakia. She studied acting for 4 years at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, one of the most prestigious acting schools in Europe.
In 1997 she starred in Kolya, which won an Oscar, and a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film. She is actually the only living Slovakian actress that has ever been in an Oscar winning film.
Silvia’s been a prominent stage, film and television actress in numerous productions in Europe for over 20 years.
Since 2002 she also started to work in Los Angeles.
She starred in “Polanski Unauthorized”, which opened in the US theaters in 2008. She portrayed Roman Polanski’s mother.
Silvia also worked on an action thriller “Bad Cop” where she co-starred with David Carradine.
In 2009 she worked on a psychological drama “Violent Blue,” where she played a music composer Katarina that faces the greatest challenge of her lifetime. Katarina’s husband was portrayed by Nick Mancuso(Stingray).
In 2010 Silvia worked on 3 films: Noirland with James Duval, Vigilante with Joe Estevez(Martin Sheen’s brother) and on a short film Sophia and Raphael where Silvia once again co-starred with Nick Mancuso.
Recently she finished a short film The Last Wizard where she played opposite Erick Roberts.
She currently lives in Venice, California.

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